Borsa Live

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Get the data directly from the Israel Stock Exchange to your smartphone…right away with no delay. All you expect from a real-time stocks market tracker: Simple to use, quick response, data visualization and no commitment.

Live quotes app with no delay!

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Push notifications and alerts


Get informed about stock market changes on your phone via a simple notification. Set up the unlimited real-time alerts, according to your needs: By price or volume, rise or fall for 5% or 10%.


Financial market dynamics are constantly within reach - on your smartphone. Follow, learn, analyze the current trends by familiar line or candlestick charts with daily, monthly, and yearly gradation.

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Trading Strategy

This feature allows the building of an automatic, efficient trading strategy aiming to grow income with minimum risk. In cooperation with Levent - a trading tool that is certified by the Central Bank, Borsa Live implements most of Levent’s capabilities.


Get free real-time stocks tracker Borsa Live on your iOS or Android device today to become one step ahead of your competitors and drive financial success with the new technologies.

Our App is developed by professional traders to simplify work with the stock exchange market for everyone: From novice to expert. Being the only free real-time stocks tracker with no delay, it enables quick reactions to market changes. Borsa Live is your fin-tech solution for efficient financial decisions to neutralize the psychological effect of FOMO and FOL (Fear of losing).

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